Monday, 16 July 2012

Welcome to The Magnotta Files

Firstly, let me clarify that this blog is not another Luka Magnotta fanzine, but neither is it my intention to portray an overly negative bias against Luka Magnotta personally, irrespective of the allegations against him.

My interest in the Magnotta case is based on a personal understanding and insight into Luka Magnotta's complex psychological issues .
I suspect like many who have been following and researching into the Magnotta case online, I have amassed a considerable amount of information about Luka Magnotta's background history, his online activities and psychological profile, which I have collated to produce a timeline of events and internet activities that I consider of significance leading upto the heinous murder of Jun Lin.

So, in the coming weeks and months I shall be posting relevant documentary evidence and updating my timeline history to this blog.


  1. bonjour a vous je ne sais plus comment me rendre pour retrouver les truck que luka avait poster en francais que vous avez mi sur le blogue j'aimerais beaucoup pouvoir les retouver dit moi comment y retourner ou ajouter té les sur votre blogn svp une amie de luka ...Carlye

    1. Bonjour Carlye, bienvenue! Je suis désolé mais je ne parle pas français, afin que vos commentaires ne sont pas clair pour moi dans la traduction. Je ne sais pas d'une affiche de Luka sur un camion.


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